Audi’s are distinct and like most German makes, they have the potential to continue running its best for you for as long as you choose to own it. We can help when it comes to maintaining and repairing your Audi no matter the model. Here at Redline Automotive, we have a passion for working with German makes and models and their owners. We know how much pride Audi owners have in their coupes, sedans or SUVs.

Audi makes top quality vehicles and they deserve the same quality of care. With regular maintenance and service we can help you keep your Audi fit for your daily commutes and weekend adventures.

Audi Oil Change Kennewick, WA

Here at Redline Automotive we can help you maintain your Audi with regular maintenance services per your manufacturer’s suggestions. While most modern luxury vehicles can go far longer between regular service intervals there are still components that are vulnerable to wear and tear.

Audi Factory Scheduled Maintenance Pasco, WA

The longer you own and drive your Audi the more maintenance checks you will go through together. We can help you through the various inspections with each mileage mark you encounter. These services while coupled with regular oil changes will allow our friendly and knowledgeable technicians help you keep your Audi performing at its best. We can also check the specific components in your Audi that can be subject premature failure if neglected.

So if you’ve noticed a funny smell, vibration or odd noise along your daily commute or coming back from a family trip it could be time to have your Audi inspected by one of our professional technicians. We share your goal when it comes to minimizing the repairs needed to be performed on your Audi. That is why when we get to know you and your vehicle we’ll be happy to present you with a maintenance schedule that can help keep your Audi performing at its best.

Give us a call when your Audi needs maintenance and we’ll show you our quality customer service along with our efficient automotive repair and maintenance services.