Be sure to check your owner’s manual to look up what services your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends at various mileage intervals. Here at Redline Automotive we work hard to stay on top of the ever changing automotive repair industry and we want to be your dealer alternative when it comes to servicing your vehicle. No matter the German make or model we service the all and it won’t void your warranty.

We pride ourselves on staying up on best practices when it comes to repairing and maintaining your Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW or Volkswagen.

Be sure to ask us about the advantages we offer over the dealership. Most modern vehicles today can go longer between regular service intervals, that even means oil changes. As we get to know you and your vehicle we can suggest a maintenance schedule that works for your vehicle and your wallet.

This type of regular maintenance can be the most cost effective and efficient way to make sure your vehicle continues to operate at its peak level of performance.

Preventative Maintenance Pasco, WA

Most drivers are weary of the words preventative maintenance but when used properly and effectively, preventative maintenance can ensure your vehicle’s reliability. Allowing issues to go unchecked can leave you stranded in a Mall Parking lot or have you on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

German Imports Kennewick, WA

We work hard to be able to maintain and repair your German vehicle. Let us take care of all you automotive repair and maintenance needs whenever they should arise.

We know how much you depend on your vehicle day-to-day and that’s why we only suggest services that you need right away and will present you with a list of preventable items in order of priority to make sure that your vehicle will continue to get you from point A to point B.

So if there’s an oil change that you’ve been putting off or maybe your check engine light is on bring your car, truck or SUV to Redline Automotive and we’ll keep your vehicle safe and reliable for as long as you choose to own it.

Give us a call, drive on in or feel free to schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you!