My Volvo has a Bevel Gear??

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Bevel gear, Angle gear, PTO, Power transfer unit, Transfer case…….

They all are the same thing. The device that transfers power to the drive line on a all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive vehicles. If you have an AWD volvo then you have a Bevel Gear. Why do we care?? Because if the bevel gear fails it will cost over $1500. img_0220

The picture above shows new VS old fluid. Old fluid will cause it to fail.

The problem we see is no one check the fluid level because most assume it shares the same oil as the transmission…..It does not. It uses different oil and very little of it. This should be checked every oil service and topped off. Most all of the failures we have seen are from oil starvation are because no one checked it. We do…..


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