My Volvo needs an Alternator Coupling Kit? But I didn’t know we were engaged…

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Volvo 3.2 ltr. engines have a rather unique  “fan belt” system. It uses a alternator decoupling pulley and a rather odd looking belt. img_0223

This is a picture of the alternator installed, Note that their is no “belt” to run it, or is their?


Here is a picture of the alternator and the cog coupler it uses.


And the coupler and belt….


So why do you care? If you own one of these motors this coupler and belt need to be replaced BEFORE they fail or it gets even more expensive. Its a very reliable system but many shops don’t know it even exists. So when do you replace it? Your Owners manual actually has it listed and it typically is done around 150,000 miles.

Next we discuss SIPS and WHIPS and things that go boom.

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