Safe Car for Teenager

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Whats the safest SUV or car for that matter? That is a hot topic with a lot of people when it comes to car purchases. Granted I am going to have some bias here but its in a good way. I have been in the automotive industry 30+ years. The days when head on collisions at freeway speeds were almost always fatal and if you survived you almost wish you didn’t because of the permanent injuries. The worst injuries are neck/spine/head. Broken bones heal as do soft tissue damage. Pain that never ends is something that I hope no one experiences……

I am a big Volvo fan and for a first car for teenagers I push customers to buy a used Volvo. Why??

Well here is the hard realities of it.

First time drivers WILL hit things (trash cans, garage door, parking stalls, your car….). So having a car that is new means insurance claims, if you have a used car you can not claim minor stuff because the car is “disposable”. Insurance claims on new drivers is VERY expensive.

Parents are not made of money. Even if you can swing buying a “new safe car” i wouldn’t do it. The car your buying is most likely not any safer than one that’s used if you do your homework.

Vanity kills….Most of the “cool” cars are not the safe cars for kids. Want get in a wreck in a Corvette or a Mercedes E-class? not sure? Google some pictures of wrecked Vettes.

Now for my favorite one. “European cars are too expensive for a first time car” WRONG!!!!!. They are typically the cheapest and safest by far.

In 1994 Volvo had a side airbags, front airbags, ABS, traction control and the best crash structure you could get. You can buy a 1994-1998 volvo for less than $2000!!! Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Ford Chrysler didn’t have anything even close to the same safety equipment until the mid 2000’s. Other cars are the BMW 3 and 5 series and Mercedes C and E class.

The next question i get is always “but they cost to much to maintain”….Not if you get the right one. This is why a Prepurchase Inspection is a MUST.

We have helped hundreds of customers over the years with this. We can save you THOUSANDS of dollars and make the odds in your favor that your kids keep all their finger and toes.

So whats our vested interest in helping you with this? Not having to see another customers kid die or be permanently injured ………Take a guess after 30 years how many we have seen.

Customer or not we are happy to help.


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