Stop when it clicks or your EVAP system gets grumpy.

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How is your EVAP system today? Is it saturated and under-performing with a check engine light on?


EVAP is short for Evaporative Emissions System. This is the system that controls the fuel vapors and prevents them from polluting the environment. The primary component that makes this system work is the charcoal canister. It has as you can see below a lot of charcoal pellets in it. Why do you care? Well when you put fuel in your car and the gas pump shuts off by itself do not try to add more fuel. If you cant add any fuel like its full but you know its empty then you have a failed tank vent system. If however you have filled it up and want to “top it off” then you can get liquid fuel into the vapor system and then we have a problem. Liquid in the charcoal causes problems and in the picture below we had to replace this canister because of over filling the tank. $1700 was the cost.

Cant add gas and your running out of fuel? Give us a call or stop by. Many times we can help out very quickly.

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