Volvo Reliability

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How reliable is a Volvo? Is it the best? How long will my Volvo live (or any car for that matter).

Lets start with Irvin Gordon’s 1966 Volvo P1800s. It has averaged about 60,000 miles a year for HALF A CENTURY. Just short of 3 million miles last time i looked him up. yup THREE MILLION MILES. million-mile-volvoSo is the P1800 a bullet proof car? Nope but it is a very robust car that is easy to repair and if maintained it will go an very long time. What does Irvin do to keep his car working after all this time? PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE!.

He maintains the car, gets it serviced on a regular schedule. This sounds simple but the best solutions usually are. In the many years of working on cars I have noted that customers that follow the maintenance schedules and budget proactively have significantly fewer costs of ownership of virtually all vehicles. These are cars we virtually never see towed in. Picking one shop you trust and making them responsible for keeping your car happy is also a lot less stressful than you having to try to figure out what to do.

It also makes a shops life easier. This may be hard to believe  but its true, We don’t like it when you have an emergency repair because it limits our options for repair. Many times we can source a cheaper option for repairs but that means waiting one or two days for ordered parts. When you need it now we have limited options….usually the more expensive ones.

How do you get on a scheduled maintenance routine to avoid the headaches? Give us a call, its that easy. Audi’s to Volvo’s any car is not a problem.

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