Volvo…Yes we fix them and here is how.

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Own a Volvo? You have a very unique, safe and misunderstood car. Many things are done differently with Volvo cars. Lets start off with the most important thing, how do we diagnose a Volvo. The first thing is the right equipment.


This is a picture of the Volvo diagnostic system log in page. Yup, the “scanner” is a web site. This is the same system the dealer uses.img_0219

And this is the hardware for it. Its a J2534 passthru device. This is a standardized communication device for cars. Think of it as a USB cable.

With this we can do 99% of what the dealer does. Programming updates, module replacements, diagnostics…..

So do you have to go to the dealer which is 150 miles away?? Nope we can handle it.

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